The mobile revolution is here.

Digital business cards show that your business changes with the changing times.  They present a professional and tech savvy image of you and your business. They give you an online mobile presence, showcasing the best of what you have to give to your clients.

Most importantly though, these cards work for you by constantly generating leads, and can even act as an online store from which your customers can purchase your best offerings. 

Methods such as a mobile-optimised website, text messages (SMS), push notifications, geo-location, mobile apps and other mobile technologies will allow your business to truly connect with this massive pool of local prospects.

Mobile access allows you to send coupons, special discounts, announcements and other promotions to a highly targeted audience. By connecting with customers on devices that they take everywhere they go, mobile marketing campaigns result in more in-store foot traffic, phone calls, and ultimately, sales. is a black female owned enterprise, focused entirely on helping your business to grow.


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Videos made for you - short, effective, cool....


What is a Mobile Business Card ???

 See what an internet internet marketing  guru has to say:

Have a look at this short video too...

We will make your business card work for you, convert introductions into qualified leads, leads into sales and ultimately your customers will find it a pleasure doing business with you...

We take our clients on a journey in which we Start Small, Think Big and Scale Fast...

First of all, we develop a Digital Mobile Business Card.  This card is packed with great information about your business, and makes it very easy for people to get into touch with you.

We then help you develop your on-line presence by growing your business card, into a mobile friendly mini web-site, with your own name, which can easily be found on the search engine searches.

We then add lots of functionality to your card and mobile site, which allows your customers to get a better understanding of your products and services, and we will ensure that there are multiple "Call-To-Actions" embedded at different points in your card to ensure potential customers are encouraged to take a step towards purchasing your product or services.

We will then also ensure that your social medai presence is well established by working with you to develop your online presence in further.

Where applicable, we will also ensure that your Digital Mobile Business Card, can list your products and we will help you convert your card into an ecommerce site allowing customers to make online payments for your products and services (and we will help you link into a delivery partner where required to allow deliveries to your customers). 

As you go thorugh your journey with us, we will assist you, as required, to include all of the following into your business card:

  1. Product & Services videos ( we will make them for you if you dont already have them ....)
  2. Downloadable documents to help your customers understand your products and services better (we can help you create beautifully written and presented documents)
  3. Slide shows, with or without voice overs to really connect with your customers and get them to really understand what you can do for them
  4. A diary on your card to allow your customers to book time to meet you at their convenience
  5. Create a product catalogue, and even convert it into an ecommerce site to allow your customers to purchase directly from you!
  6. Highlight promotions and special offers and let everyone who you have ever given your digital business card to, to be made aware of these promotions as they are launched
  7. We can assist you with professional graphics, prfessionally taken photos and videos, and copyright.

If you feel your business is not making the most of mobile digital marketing, and you keep asking yourself:

"What must I do to Grow My Business ?"

then you need a partner by your side helping you grow and you need to contact us...


(See below an example of a delighted customer....)

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